budcollier1956 1 year, 10 months ago on Dispute rises over local legislation

What is clear in the Squawk is that some people who have the least education, have never done anything, do not do anything, and have the least discernment are the very ones who are quick to tell others how to do it and express their opinion so quickly. If doing so gives one a misplaced sense of self-importance, while the rest of us work to preserve their liberties to do so, have at it.


budcollier1956 1 year, 11 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Feb. 5, 2013

Couple of quick points (retiring as I long past realized commenting is self-serving and pretty much useless to effectuate any positive change): (1) I read (admitted briefly, who would labor to to otherwise) HB386, probably moreso than many who voted on it. (2) Anyone who disagrees with a politician's own agenda or opinion is quickly dismissed by being either uninformed or by "giving a knee-jerk reaction", thinking that they alone know best what is the good for the rest of us or they alone possess the capacity for reason. (3) The Bill is, in summary, a revenue raising bill. It shifts tax burden from special sector interest of manufacturing, agriculture and etc to the general population under the assumption that those special interest sectors will, in the process strengthen the general economy. That would be more true if the exempted equipment, goods and etc were produced in Georgia. But still there is logic in the thinking. (4) In my opinion (you think as you will) the mechanics of the bill (how it is written) is very poor, written as one who through a mirage of percentages, whereas, whereins, in cases of and other complicated twisted jargons attempts to hit a preconceived revenue allocation target. It is much too complicated, verbose and like most bills lacking in the most essential trait of good legislation: simplicity to be understood and made practical. (5) The vehicle tax provisions appears to be, as one has previously put it, inept. Ed commented that these provisions will be worked out or tweeted. My opinion, get it right the first time, one can't fix stupid, but in politics and government, who tries. (6) The most "misleading" issue is the need to have a provision to tax casual sales of tangible personal property such as automobiles and flee markets. Fact is, the Georgia Code already has that statutary authority and executes that authority (when it arbitrarily chooses to do so). Many private sales of auto are taxed, receiving notices from the Ga Dept of Rev when the title changes. I know, I had to pay it. Ga can by law impose and collect sales tax on everything from yard sales to boats. No new law is required. What is not taxed is internet sales which is the biggest tax inequity perpetrated by the State. Local business who maintain (taxed) facilities and (taxed) inventories making (taxed) sales cannot compete against the billions of dollars of sales-tax free goods shipped into local communities. If HB386 was serious about raising revenue and equitable taxation it should have attacked the tax free internet sales that is putting thousands out of work and making ghost towns out of retail Georgia. (7) In summary.... good or bad .. we the taxpayer are having endure HB386, to choke on it as we do the rest of the ill contrived, ill reasoned garbage coming from a broken political process.


budcollier1956 2 years ago on Squawk of the Day - Jan. 16, 2013

Noted as always the absence of our Georgia elected in leadership over the most critical issues: budget crisis, needed tax and IRS reform, gun ownership rights and control, unabated gang violence, immigration reform, jobs, Obaham's healthcare debockle and failing national educaton system, and many more. Not one word, not one stand in leadership from Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson or Sanford Bishop. The only time we will see them is campaign contribution time. They serve best only when serving themselves.


budcollier1956 2 years, 1 month ago on Educational system the root of Albany’s problems

Thanks for the article and concern, seems like everyone however barks on DCSS. Problem is not it, the problem is us. Collectively we have exactly what we want and for which we are willing to work and sacrifice. Albany's problem is a cultural one, not only racial black and white, but a stuck in the 1960 mode of thinking, without vision, lacking a cohesive leadership and a core bitterness and sorriness that manifest itself everywhere from cheating in the classroom, driveby shootings, dumping ashtrays out at stoplights, pushing in Walmart lines, vulgar pants to your knees, boombox rap and a pervasive in-your-face disrespect to each other. The problem is core not curriculum.

Thankfully, there are those wonderful people who try, give, sacrifice and volunteer. The County, City, even school commissions honestly try. Leadership Albany, the Chamber, and hundreds of serving organizations dump tens of thousands of hours and dollars into this city. There is much good done, but they cannot do it alone or for the rest of us. The city remains decaying with problems greatly beyond its ability (vision) to solve.

My purpose is not to be correct with this lewd, skewed and perhaps erroneous reasonings but rather to be alarming. What we are doing is not working ... its time to quit putting 4 star failing restaurants in a 1 star downtown and thinking we are a tourist or retirement destination point.

In this city of 1000 churches, there is there alone enough power, influence and resource to change the world if they ever could come together and add a bit of "stand-up" and "get up" to all praying and complaining for a city in need of help, A little righteous fed-up, kick-ass against those who perpetuate sorriness, self-interest, poverty, crime, separateness and hate just might start the ball rolling. You marched in the streets for your civil rights now are you willing to take to the streets for your salvation?


budcollier1956 2 years, 3 months ago on Heard withdraws election lawsuit

No, no, no ... Heard opened this bag of worms, he has cost the city/county tens of thousands of dollars, through testimony that disclosed an over penned faxsimile signature intentionally submitted as an original, photocopied notaries, a time-stamped campaign document taken from a government office and destroyed, and an attorney's argument to set aside the Election Code Law in favor of consideration of the will of a certain group of voters. Of course the taxpayers will pay for the defense legal cost, who paid for his? Point is, there are serious questions and repercussions here remaining to be answered, not the least of which is the integrity of the law itself and what is due to the citizens of this community. The system is run amuck, its not time for peace or reconciliation or pacification, its time to stop the years of reoccuring and recountless madness, its time to let judgment take its course, to pay the devil his due and see this through. As in Billy Sunday's great sermon "payday someday", time waits for no man, judgment comes to us all. Let the judge rule. God help us all.


budcollier1956 2 years, 3 months ago on Voter drive to feature food, clothing giveaway

Yes, giving away anything to induce another to register or to vote is a fellony. Certain people however consider themselves above the law, interpreting it to pertain only when and how it promotes their own agenda, concluding that it is only a dismissable tecnicallity, merely incidential to a self-determined civil right to do as they themselve see fit. They make mercenary the poor, the disinfranchised, the children, etc to cloak political self interest and to provide justification for not being held accountable under the law. The right to vote is available to all qualified to do so, and sould be promoted and protected, none eligible excluded. But in principle; to aspire to do the right and noble thing but to do it by wrong devices is never an acceptible foundation for government. No politician is worth a vote lest he first be found honest, ethical, moral in character, whose leadership is one of consistent integrety. One who campaigns dishonestly will rule the same way.


budcollier1956 2 years, 4 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Sept. 4, 2012

Righteousness is serious business, funkymonkey. Some of those fronting little grocery stores paying 40cents on the dollar for food stamps are owned by the most respected deacon in your church living next door to you with his wife's Mercedes in the garage. When they openly brag about the tremendous amount of money that changes hands each month, it is a telling story about the integrety of the nation, the many claiming poor take from the government, a few mercenary rich take it from the poor. There are just three types of people in Dougherty county; the 60% receivers, the 10% takers and the 30% payers. Only the payers are displeased with the process..


budcollier1956 2 years, 9 months ago on America's love affair with firearms is national insanity

Cynthia Tucker is absolutely correct, the obsession with guns in America is crazy. The only problem with her whole argument is her naive recognition of the reality just outside her door. Just as Sunday a young black ASU student walked into the hospital with a T-shirt stating " Vicious with no mercy", the Albany herald records daily armed home intrusions, robberies, car jackings, bar stabbings, rapes, murders, shoot outs with AK47's and kids discharging firearms outside my office at 8:00 in the morning, not in Atlanta or Beruit but here in the mis-termed "good life city". It is for the want of morality and any sense of sense of base humanity in the city that I as a God fearing, law abiding, family man will not leave my house without a prayer for my kids and 15 rounds locked and loaded on my belt. If Cynthia wants to champion a cause, start with the kid "vicious with no mercy" which causes the rest of us to be "packing with no options"


budcollier1956 3 years ago on Larry Michael Davis

Truly the world, this community was a better place having known him. A true friend, wonderful father and husband, a Christian man exemplary in in everyting he did, never complained, always eager to help. The kind of man we all hope that we might one day be. Job well done, life well lived.