budcollier1956 3 years, 10 months ago on Squawk of the day - Jan. 16, 2012

Perhaps the same perspective can be applied to the humans as well as dogs. Although I have seen a good pulp run to join a mangy pack of strays. Point is, there is never a simple reason or solution to problems of human nature or dog nature as well, breeding, discipline, bad environment, bad health or just pissed off for the day. Sometimes the best you can do is for everyone to remember a dog is a dog. If you choose to have one (dog or human), pet his head or clean his poop, you are held responsible and accountible for both ends. So sorry for you child's injury.


budcollier1956 3 years, 12 months ago on Hearing set for Ward II election challenge

Nothing debates more willingly and loudly than ignorance and misinformation, nor most often than when given access to public media. The attorney rightfully stated an error was made, the Board rightfully followed the Georgia Election Code which specifically dictates how an injured party may seek relief, how votes are to be counted as well as how incomplete ballots are to be handled. In every way every process has been 100% open and transparent, all parties involved were offered unfettered access to obtain information and explanation and all were encouraged to avail themselves of the provisions of the law to contest the election, allow the independent court to decide and seek any relief available under the law. Many who have spoken the loudest, never asked for information. Some have misstated and used the situation for seemingly personal advancement. Georgia spent 5 billion on voting machines which in part were designed specifically to reduce the occurances of incomplete ballot casting, but even at that many voters either choose to not vote on an issue or cannot under any system cast a correct ballot, due to illiteracy or other reasons. No qualified voter is ever denied access, assistance or the right to vote. Before one makes devisive, irrational, inciteful and unfounded comments of violations of civil rights or dysfunctinally of some board, perhaps they should read the Georgia Election Code which is the rule estabilished by their GA State legislature, or the Albany Municipal Code established by their city commission, which rules in this case or perhaps they themselves should ask the questions necessary to understand the facts rather than spout opinion. The American system of law and process which, for every individual, both rules and protects, is working in this case as it was designed and intented to do. Why don't you positively participate and have faith in it, you just might learn something.


budcollier1956 4 years ago on Principals who invoked their Fifth Amendment rights during CRCT investigation identified

Look at the whole picture. Georgia test scores are down compared to the rest of the country partly in fact to poor schools systems and the demographics of the State's population. The State demands local schools to improve yet giving no means or methods to confront the underlying problems. The local school board demands of principals and principals demands of teachers, teaches demands of unresponsive students. The only and most immediate response is not to educate but to teach test taking methods, the most expediate means to meeting test scores is to cheat or force test results. Fact is many, many Dougherty County children are under educated, under disciplined, non educatable in the present state much as a result of a culture and an environment which is perpetuated generation after generation and will be to generations to come. The soluton is not to "educate". Until the culture, mind set changes educaton cannot, will never take place. The system demands of impotent schools what cannot be produced in an unwilling culture. Throughout the system students are forced passed through the system learning little, they get to local colleges, unprepared, undisciplined, taking remedial courses, looking to be supportd by free gov't grants, demanding that they get a free pass in courses without fulfilling requirements, doing work or learning the material. Professors under threat of the administration, racism, budget and every form of excuse, pass them on, to get the numbers and dollars just like the process which began in grade 1. When we wake up to see that the system as well as the culture is fatally diseased, then perhaps someone of fortitude will lead to the hard solutions. For now we burn the principal and fire the janitor, two which are little responsible and only surviving. What we need to start a solution is correct both ends of this donkey; slap some sense in the face of the Lesgislator and kick the a__ of sorry parents.


budcollier1956 4 years, 1 month ago on Board rules Calhoun ineligible to run in Ward II race

The candidate appeared to follow all procedures. There was an inadvertant error in the administration of the processs stated in the article to be the reliance upon the computerized database. Yes there are maps. Perhaps all rely on computers too much. From the article, the board seemed to have dealt with the issue as it existed, limited to the extent of its authority. As stated in the article, the election code itself rules on the candidates qualification, that has to be followed. Sadly in real life, absent of the wisdom of Solomon, there are no perfect processes and no easy, perfect solutions. Thankfullly our system of government not only administers rules and processes but provides available means and avenues for people to seek relief and remedies should they be wronged or errors occur. The candidate seemed to have demonstrated excellent character and professionalism throughout the process, was running because she believed in the system, wanted to be part of it, wanted perhaps to improve it. Now she must have faith in that proceess, avail herself if she desires and allow it to work on her behalf. That's the way America works for all of us.


budcollier1956 4 years, 1 month ago on Squawk of the Day - Sept. 30, 2011

20 cent shop supply, 5% hazzardous disposal fee, 5 cents for 911 system upgrade and a premarked option to contribute to disadvantaged political candiate reelection campaign. You will be expected to tip 15% though the waiter never gave service, asked to donate $1 at the register for victims of flooding in Uganda, be hit up for $20 outside the door "to help a brother out", then mugged in the mall parking lot as your are entering your car. It is just a nornal day in the good life city.