bunny 1 year, 10 months ago on Phillip Phillips' mother charged

Sheryl is such a nice person, I just don't believe she was drinking. Give her a break, don't bash someone and embrass them to death just to get some news story, You have totally embrassed Sheryl and it's just not right. If her family is having financial difficulties, marriage problems, etc, hasn't she got enough to deal with without you blasting this all over the country. Put yourself in her shoes, jerk


bunny 2 years, 8 months ago on Search for next Dougherty head football coach nearing its end

Goseer your an idiot, the board needs to get rid of you and your superintendent. Why are you trying to run something you don't know anything about (sports). Coaching 9th grade basketball doesn't make you knowledgalbe, GHSA fining you was prime example . You have made athletics in Albany look stupid as well as the entire school system.
You know nothing about sports why don't you leave it alone and let the people that knows what is going on run it.. A total waste you are