candybob2000 2 years, 5 months ago on Atheist group wants to join with community

"That human beings can't understand that things like rape and murder are wrong without a 4,000-year-old book is just ridiculous," Gillham said. "It's actually insulting to me. Morality is innate in all of us. It comes from our ability to empathize with other people. We do the right things because they are the right things to do."

As an intellectual, I just don't understand, Mr. Gillham, how you can without a doubt say that there isn't a God, but make a statement like this at the end of your article. Without God, who even determines what is "right" or "wrong"? Seems to me, it takes a good bit more faith to believe that morality is innate in all of us...just happens to be...from nothing...especially when the world today shows exactly the opposite. As someone who believes with all her heart that there is a God and has experienced the fullness of His blessing, the answering of His prayers, the Holy Spirit speaking and working directly in her life, and the fulfillment that comes from following Him with all of her heart, I just plead with you to take your faith to the fullest outworkings of it and see the darkness that is there.

Praying for you to find the Saviour. There is no hope without Jesus.