cantkeepsilentanymore 4 years ago on Worth hosting free rabies vaccine clinics

Thanks to Best Friends Humane Society, Dr. Gardner, Dr. Land, Dr. Wisell and the Health department. You all do great work for the people and animals of Worth County.


cantkeepsilentanymore 4 years ago on Worth officials in middle of ex-employee's discontent

From being at the board meetings and reading the minutes and hearing the testimony from the 911 dispatcher, this complaint is nothing but sour grapes and a vendetta from a former employee and a commissioner who likes to stir up trouble. When the call came into 911, the dispatcher asked if the animal that attacked the horse was on site and was told no. The dispatcher asked if a veterinarian was on site and was told yes as well as Department of Health were there. There was nothing for Animal Control to do at that point. Commissioner Sutton suggested the animal control officer come out (when there was no light outside) and to search for a blood trail. Contrary to some convoluted beliefs, the Animal Control Officer isn't a tracker. However, when Commissioner McDonald was asked if it was possibly a coyote, he responded that he is an experienced hunter in that area and there are no coyotes. Anyone who has a lick of sense knows that is a false statement. If we have Commissioners with such hunting talents perhaps they should have tracked down whatever animal did the damage. There are not only coyotes but panthers and wild hogs as well as dogs that could have done this. It is terrible that the horse was attacked and suffered and had to be put down. What is terrible as well is Ms. Mims, commissioners McDonald and Sutton using this tragedy to try to keep trouble stirred up. It is no secret that this board does not get along or even work well together. The ones who are complaining are the ones who are causing the Board to be likened to a Circus. Commissioner McDonald is more concerned with another Board member possibly having more power than he does than with ensuring that citizens and their animals are protected. I applaud Attorney Clarence Miller's response to Commissioner McDonalds ridiculous claims with the statement "you have to have some common sense in these matters". What is equally unfair is Ms. Mims and the commissioners attempt to denigrade the job Sherri Hendley has been doing as the Animal Control Officer. She has more qualifications (veterinary tech) and more people skills than Ms. Mims and can do her job effectively. As for stray dogs roaming the streets, animal control only picks up animals that have had a complaint registered. How simple it is, you have a problem, call the person who can give an answer. Instead our commissioners choose to call the tv stations and bring all their half truths, rumors, lies and accusations in a Board of Commissioners meeting. Thanks to Chairman Matt Medders also in stating that the protocol is to call Shelly McPhaul if there are any problems with Animal Control. The Commissioners can't even follow their own protocol, much less common courtesies. I hope with all the animosity and troubles Worth County has had with the current Board, that a new working Board of Commissioners will be elected.