churchinsider 4 years, 1 month ago

wellobserver, thank you for your testimony. I will validate everything that you have said is truth. You are very correct when you say that a lot of people at Sherwood are blinded. I was always told stories of this nature and shrugged it off because that could not be my Sherwood. It was not until I got to see the Church from the Day Care viewpoint my blinders slowly started to get removed leading up to yesterday's event. The really sad part is that all these staff members are going to have nothing as of 12/30 but the Center's Director and one other office worker is being moved to other positions in the church. Also, speaking of favorites, one of the ladies that I know has only worked at Sherwood for six months is being moved to Monther's Morning Out but I know another lady that has been working there over four years and only missed one day because she was in the ER sick all night is being laid off.


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