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I am very happy that Sherwood is providing these movies and that the Gospel is being shared. Alex Kendrick is a honest, talented, and, most importantly a God fearing man. I must say that I am perplexed at how the top Sherwood leadership has handled the timing of closing the daycare and the profits of Courageous. Having inside knowledge of the daycare it had two major issues: an unqualified director that had no skills to be in her position (reminder that this director is still employed by Sherwood in her same position running Mother's Morning Out) as well as facilities issues due to the daycare being in one of the oldest parts of the Church. My family was heavily affected by the daycare layoffs and I pray for the ladies that still have not found a job. My family was lucky as better opportunities with better leadership became available without the assistance of Sherwood Leadership. I believe that it was dead wrong to come out and expect people to believe that the Church was in financial trouble. It's my hope and prayer that Sherwood would do the right thing and use the 2020 Vision - Meet the Need ( and re-open the daycare once again with improved services and a new director that can make Sherwood Daycare the best in Southwest Georgia.


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Jesus loves the little children, All the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, All are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.


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supersquawker - I am certainly not a fan of SBC or SCA. You and I have shared a lot of the same viewpoints however, is it really necessary to attack the children? They are the innocent ones here. I wish them much success; I was in the SCA Drama program for several years.


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I really have been struggling as to if I wanted to post a comment on this article or not. Since I am directly affected, I am trying to get over the anger and get to figuring out I am going to support my family with half the income. However, I have decided to say a few words.

Yes, I agree that SBC has the right to do what it so well pleases with it's day care but here are a few points that just rub me the wrong way.

First, it does not matter how much money they make on Courageous or what they do with the money but why in the world would they continually decline to comment when asked about the money. I understand that out of all these millions SBC will only see maybe $5 million but I think that the parents and staff deserve an honest answer to this question.

Second, I still cannot get my head around that fact that a church of this size is not protecting it's staff by paying unemployment taxes or insurance. My family already lives pay check to pay check and now at the most important time of year we are left with no job nothing to help get us back on our feet. I have not hear any mention of a severance package. I think that one weeks pay for every year you have been with the church is very fair.

Third, I cannot believe the timing of this closing. I believe that it's a slap in the face to Alex Kendrick. I personally know Alex and know that he has poured everything that God has given him into this movie. I truly believe that God has sheltered this story from the national media because of the few God fearing people that poured everything into this movie.

Finally, this situation never had to happen. If the administration at SBC would have removed the problem two years ago then this day care would not be closing. Instead, the SBC administration allowed Merry Johnson to continue to destroy the daycare. Keep in mind, this is the second children's program at SBC that has been closed under her directorship.

Oh, and one last point. I love the fact that all we have heard from Jim McBride but we still have not heard from Brother Michael. Not even a mention in a worship service to pray for these people.


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"We've been in contact with some day care centers and, of course, we're going to be giving recommendation letters for all of our staff who have been impacted by this decision," McBride said.

It's more like other centers are calling Sherwood because they are taking in students and want to hire a few teachers that the students know so that they are not totally in shock. The recommendation letter that they have given these teachers are a joke. First the letter assumes that the staff member will obtain new employeement in child care. Second, with the few letters that they had to write they could have done a little better in personnalizing the letters. After all most of the staff have been loyal employees for a long time. Here is the letter:

Dear Director:

As Director of Sherwood Baptist Church Day Care Center I know the imporantance of having well-trained, qualified staff members who love children and work well together as a team to provide the very best in child care.

A decision was made to close Sherwood Baptist Church Day Care on December 30, 2011. This closing will provide child care centers in Albany some of the best child care teachers in the area. This letter is written in recommendation of the qualified teacher who has applied for a position in your center.

It is my desire that all of our teachers find employment by our closing date. I would be happy to know you have considered my recommended teacher as an employee in your center.

Sincerly, Merry Johnson, Director Weekday Ministries


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myopinioncounts - I never said that I worked at Sherwood. You can be associated with a Church organization without being a church or staff member. You ask a very valid question and I will answer it as best as I can without giving away my identity or personal situations of my family and friends. Trust me when I say that all of the people I know were looking to leave. Personal and family situations caused them to stay longer because in this economy a bad job is better then no job at all. We all have bills and responsibilities. To add to this the State of Georgia is requiring all Day Care workers to have a CDA to work in a child care facility. Sherwood decided that those workers needed to have this certification by the end of this year when the Georgia requirement is December 2012. There is a cost of between $700-$800 to obtain this certification. Sherwood has not paid any of this cost. The State of Georgia will help pay for the first test for a limited time TBD by the state. This this a three phased process. The first phase costs $325 to complete. The final two phases must be completed in the child care facility where the staff member works approved on their CDA application. I understand that the facility will be closing on 12-30-11 but at the rate that parents are currently removing their children I have been told that the staff will be lucky if they still have a job by Thanksgiving. I know a number of staff that is on phase three because 10-1-11 was the last date they could submit their application and payment to the CDA to be certified by Sherwood's deadline. Which means that these staff members have already paid the full amount and if they don't have a job at Sherwood when the CDA council rep comes to complete the process the they have lost all that money and have to start over. In addition, if they do find other day care work it must be for the same age group and the CDA council must approve the change if not, then they have to start over. In addition, if they start working with a new age group then they have to start over. I do know one person that had an opportunity to leave Sherwood for another day care position but their were several factors that lead to the decline of that position. It's unfortunate that this person did not see this coming and run like heck.


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myopinioncounts - I am so glad that you have a wonderful experience with Sherwood. You hit the nail on the head when you said you were a parent. This gives you an inside view but Sherwood has done a great job of perception in the Day Care but the church as a whole. How many hours per week are you in the building? Maybe 1-2 hours per week? The staff has to deal with Mrs. Merry 7-8 hours per day. So, you don't realize the heck that she puts those ladies through and drama that occurs while parents are gone. As a customer of any service you expect the highest quality and to never deal with the drama, favorites, or politics of the business. This is why you don't see what the staff deals with on an almost daily from Mrs. Johnson.


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I get so tired hearing people say they, "Go to the Church that makes the movies." That statement tells me that they are there to be seen and to bring glory and fame to them and not to God. I personally know Alex Kendrick and he is a talented God fearing man that is doing what God has called him to do and I truthfully think that Sherwood has just slapped him in the face by making this announcement just a couple of weeks after the release of Courageous. They better hope this story does not hit the national news or I think it will send too much of a mixed message and could destroy this work of God.


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Sixty - Either way, what's done is done. What I would like from SBC is to have someone stop all the BS and be truthfull to the staff and the parents. Expecially the staff, who deserve answers. Also, they should put something in writting and legally binding on how they will help these staff members. These staff members need something more than to hear on the news that Sherwood is "We're doing what we can for day care staff, students." From what I understand that over 30 families have already sent in notices of when their students will be leaving so do you expect me to believe that all of these staff members will have jobs until 12-30-11? No, I don't think so.


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wellobserver, thank you for your testimony. I will validate everything that you have said is truth. You are very correct when you say that a lot of people at Sherwood are blinded. I was always told stories of this nature and shrugged it off because that could not be my Sherwood. It was not until I got to see the Church from the Day Care viewpoint my blinders slowly started to get removed leading up to yesterday's event. The really sad part is that all these staff members are going to have nothing as of 12/30 but the Center's Director and one other office worker is being moved to other positions in the church. Also, speaking of favorites, one of the ladies that I know has only worked at Sherwood for six months is being moved to Monther's Morning Out but I know another lady that has been working there over four years and only missed one day because she was in the ER sick all night is being laid off.