classydi 2 years ago on Lone Democrat bows out of Senate race

Sister Ruby. you are so excited becasue a black was either appointed or elected ( SCOTT) for US Senator......... Are you excited just becasue he is a BLACK man or are you excited becasue you feel he is qualified to hold the office ??? The election that got OBAMA was majority vote becasue he was Black Not that he was qualified for the job... Why would you be excited about Obama's sign that orginally was a Communist smbol ??????? Don't worry Obama is working as hard as he can to make America a Communist country and then we will see how proud you are of your Black man !!!!!!!!!! then we will see how you like it when the government runs everything and everybody and they remove all of your freedoms..........YOU should already know what a mess the government makes of everything that they take over from the past... look at Social security for instance... Now our stupid black president has gave a raise for Congress but then increases taxes because the government needs money to pay for all of these government programs they have created. Obama gave raises to Congress who doesn't work and reduces the take home pay rest of us that works... Good Move on his part do you think????? PEOPLE THAT THINKS LIKE YOU DO IS ONE REASON THIS COUNTRY IS IN SUCH BAD FINANCIAL SHAPE AND OBAMA AND CONGRESS IS TAKING AWAY ALL OUR FREEDOMS ONE BY ONE...


classydi 3 years ago on Sources: City, WG&L close to deal for Suntrust Bank Building

What is wrong with where their offices are now..???? They have several floors of their present building that has nothing on those floors.......

This is just another way for Albany head people to spend more money that Albany doesn't have..........and needs to spend money on other things more important.

Stay where your offices are located now and save money for moving