clb2012now 2 years, 5 months ago on Sometimes politics are for the birds ... big, big birds

PBS is like the lady who won the lottery and stayed on food stamps. PBS gets such a small portion of the budget and even that can't be cut. What portion of the budget is not going to have it's champion?

The critical focus here is that we need good governance. Good governance just like at home begins with fiscal responsibility. All the mongering and name calling aside, can we talk about the real issue? Who will best lead this country out of recession to more economic strength and fiscal responsibility. We have had better economies under other presidents (Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, JFK) and the common detonators is that they got out of the way of the private sector. You can't continually demonize that sector and then expect it to pull you out of a recession. The business sector needs consistency to make long term decisions not temporary or part time jobs. Keynesian economics is only a short term solution and a costly one at that. Economists disagree on whether Keynesian efforts help or prolong a recovery. From the Keynesian efforts that we have done, I would say that it has prolonged it. This has been the longest recovery ever.

This time, we need the business man's acumen at the top not just advising the president. Our economy has become a national security issue. Our economy has become a social issue. Our economy has become a military issue. We need someone who understands how businesses thrive, how business people think.