cleanup 2 years, 5 months ago

Remember , Mayor Wright The public put you in office , and the public can take you out of office " NO ONES CAN STOP THEM" , listen young man do what is right, don,t get the big head. and please do'nt feel as though He did it I,m going to do it too, NO............................... use the city car for business only , So what if you went to lunch , go in your own car, If you want to help the taxpayers of Dawson Georgia , Use the city car and ride over Dawson Georgia and view the potholes, oldhouses that needs to be push back into the county, backward stop signs , and lots lots more..............Truly ,I beleive the citizens of Dawson would gain more if all the leaders would some how come together and work as a team, A MAKE THIS LITTLE TOWN , THE BEST TOWN AROUND. Remember before you make a move, SEEK GOD FIRST


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