coachpete 2 years ago on coachpete

Once again misinformation regarding the Lady Tornadoes Basketball Team's history has been published. Last year they did make history by making it to the Elite 8 Round. In 1996-1997 the team the GHSA Elite 8, in 1997-98 they made it to the Final and Championship Game, eventually losing to Josey High of Augusta, Ga.


coachpete 2 years ago on Monroe boys, girls debut on top of first Fab 5 Polls

For a year or so, you have been misinformed in regards to the lady tornadoes basketball team history. I'm proud to correct you at this time. The lady tornadoes first made the GHSA Elite 8 during the 1996=97 season and the Final Four during the 1997-98 season, eventually losing to Josey High in the State Championship Game