cooldawg80 2 years, 10 months ago on WG&L revenue takes a tumble

WGL employees shouldn't be driving vehicles home to other counties. Why should the WGL customers have to pay for expenses like that? They could save some money there. Looks like some fat needs to be trimmed!


cooldawg80 2 years, 11 months ago on cooldawg80

You are all uninformed! Read the audited financial statements for Phoebe Putney and check the section on indigent and charity care provided to the community. It is eye opening and overwhelming to read about the dollars they contribute to the community! Those are published to the public and you should review them before you make ignorant comments you cannot support. I do not think anyone in this town can claim the rights to helping the community more than PHOEBE! If they had not bought Palmyra, those people would have been without a job! Ask some of the employees who worked for HCA! Jobs saved! Phoebe Sumter after the tornado…jobs saved! Economy saved!

Medicaid and Medicare are different programs people and they are making cuts out the yingyang due to the regulations put into effect by our current president and congress. Just read the’s everywhere! Want to blame someone …think about who you elect into Congress this Fall!

If the City of Albany, DoCo, and WG&L would combine services, they could save tons of money from duplicated services/positions! What to trim the fat, make the employees park their city/county vehicles instead of taking them home! How does this make sense when gas has been its highest in years? Introduce productivity standards and hold the employees accountable. Get rid of the ones that bring you down! As the ole saying can't get fired for working for the City, WG&L, or the county...????!!!! Quit making loans for hotels! Let’s look at all the property the City and County own that is dilapidated..Blight property! They don't pay taxes on those parcels..Check the DoCo tax assessor’s website...why don't they sell that property and get this economy moving in the right direction?

I wished someone would help bail my company out so I can keep my seven paid holiday days!