cthisr1 3 years, 7 months ago on Health scare emails ignore the truth

I work in the Medical field with the elderly. I can tell you while it appears your medication is lower, so is the amount Medicare is paying healthcare providers to take care of you. You ,fall break your hip and end up in a Rehab Center, and you will see. Medicare cut 25% per patient from what they used to pay as of October 1st. You say no big deal right? Wrong that means that two CNA's and one Nurse no longer has a job. So one CNA now has 9 patients to care for. Which means you need to have a bowel movement and your CNA is in another room with a patient. She is in with another patient for 45 mins. What happens to you? Let's just say you have been reduced to having a bowel movement in bed and have to wait until she steps out into hall and sees your light on. There is no other staff to help you because the Rehab Center had to cut staff to keep operating. You have a knee replacement and need therapy so you can get going again. You have a Stroke and Medicare can reduce your rehab stay to 15 days. which means very little rehab. In return you can not take care of toileting our bathing yourself. Let me know how not being able to wipe your butt after a loose bowel movement works for you and your family. You can not move your right arm to dress yourself, balance is off and your right leg does not work. How long before you are dropped off at nearest Nursing Home? Guess what Medicare Cut their pay out as well. Good luck with your OBAMA CARE NOW>


cthisr1 3 years, 9 months ago on CRCT fallout plan revealed

This is not a case of "Race." This is a case of School board wanted the scores up. Dougherty County System School as a whole has been substandard for over 30 years. Do not get me wrong there are a "FEW" real teachers in the system. Let's not forget how many have been arrested in the last 10 years for crimes against the children they teach. Cheating when I attended school would get you expelled. Teachers that can not teach material, should not be teaching. The blame needs to be placed on voters as well. Voters of Dougherty County have voted in substandard uneducated board members to make decisions on the education of children. No wonder the jail is full and big business is leaving. Dougherty County built several pretty buildings, yet students have out of date books and not enough money in budget for students to bring home books. If the teachers are told to teach based on CRCT then the kids should have learned the material. If the kids did not learn it that is the teachers fault. You can not blame children for "Teachers" lack of education and ability to teach.