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dannyaller 2 years, 7 months ago on Braves lay another egg vs. rival Nats

"Laying an egg" is a figure of speech for a bad performance. The headline would've said "goose egg" if it was meant to infer they didn't score.

But I do agree almost 100 percent with your assessment, VSU. Uggla's struggles are really killing them. B.J. seems like a nervous wreck every time he's up there, and I think he's scuffling because he sees how much success Justin is having and is trying too hard to match it. And Heyward really needs to start being the Heyward he was as a rookie. No excuse for his drop off in production.

I think their pitching is still a little suspect. There isn't a starter on that team that hasn't had a "What-the-heck?" outing yet. To compete in October, you need two guys who are almost automatic wins every time they step on the mound. Not even Hudson gives them that this year.


dannyaller 3 years ago on VIDEO OF THE DAY: Girl running back gone wild

Is that before or after Nick Saban buys her a pony and hires her Pee Wee coach to his staff?


dannyaller 3 years, 10 months ago on Super rematch

@Coachjohnson24 ....

Swallow our pride? Seriously?

Not only did we do a story in Sunday's paper --- not sure how you missed it (http://www.albanyherald.com/news/2012/jan/22/albanys-branch-pats-have-been-overlooked-all-year/?sports) --- but we did a story two weeks ago and have featured Deion prominently every time he's caught a TD or had a big game this year. He's only had five scores and is the No. 4 receiver on the team, so he hasn't had the kind of season he's had in past seasons, but nonetheless, no one at The Albany Herald has forgotten about him. Trust me.

As for your request to have a story done on him before the Super Bowl? The game ended about 24 hours ago and there's plenty of plans to do more than ONE story on him in the next two weeks before the game. So don't worry .... you don't have to ask.

Also, this is Deion's third Super Bowl. Not his second.


dannyaller 4 years ago on Herald Player of the Year poll

The_Dude is 100 percent correct. The Herald's sports staff will still be choosing our annual John Reynolds Player of the Year, as well as All-Area and All-Metro teams, which will be released -- as they are ever year --- around Chirstmas. The "People's Choice Player of the Year," is, in fact, a new feature that's going on its second year and simply gives our readers a chance to decide who THEY think the winner should be.

Congratulations to all those who were nominated. And make no mistake ... the John Reynolds Player of the Year will definitely be chosen from one of these six nominees.

Until then, keep voting! We've only got a little more than a day left.

--- Danny Aller, Albany Herald Sports Editor