dawgfan414 1 year, 2 months ago on Easy does it

It is good to see the "good old boy" network is alive and well in our local school system where athletics is involved an not some silly program that emphasizes learning and personal growth through the use of teachers and coaches that are passionate about their fields and have the needs of our children as a top priority. Who cares if our children are the real losers in all of this? The Athletic Director, Head Football coach? I doubt that!

Why else would a coach that obviously cares for her students and has the special, God given talent of being able to teach those that really desire to learn and better themselves be replaced by a man that not only does not know how to coach but also carries an attitude that is poisonous to all those that come near..Not to mention he has no concern for our kids when it comes to Girls Basketball.

You blast Ms. Oliver for being rude and for calling out the "coach" at the game but yet you have no real knowledge of what has been taking place on and off the court. You sit back and condemn her but it is my guess that she only gave back what she received herself. "Kids" do that..They see us "adults" acting like idiots, yelling, shouting, cursing and at some point they are bound to give it right back to us! So what does an arrogant coach do? Dismiss from the team a very talented athlete with a very real and exciting future. What ever happened to teaching? Punishment is acceptable, she made a mistake..sit out a game and she learns from it! Kick her off the team and she learns absolutely nothing except she isn't worth the trouble to teach.

Coach Speir gave options, she cared enough to help, she taught and that is what the good educators do! They do not condemn. That is why coach Speir was succesful and her teams were always in the hunt. Maybe she needs to teach you..."coach", you need some help, you need to grow up, teach these kids and learn to love what