dcat 1 year, 3 months ago on Herald changing online commenting system

Even though I have a facebook account, I will not be using it to comment. I have a rather unique name and work for a public entity and will not be subjected to insults for my opinion, as I have been in the past whenever I made a comment on local developments. I came from another state (west of the Mississippi) and am often shocked and disgusted by the casual predjuice I find on both sides of the color line. Albany has a solid foundation on which to build, but it will never succeed until the leadership on both sides of the city look beyond their personal desires and power struggles. I have enjoyed reading the comments and wish the paper will in their endevour to clean up their act, but they will do it with out my input...


dcat 1 year, 3 months ago on Albany Heights settlement done, city has sights on L'Jua's

It seems to me that before loaning the money out, there should have been some type research done to insure that the person or group of people had the resources to run a business or be successful at whatever enterprise that was beint proposed. Banks do it all of the time to determine that they have a return of capital. Call me naive..... I can only hope the city has learned their lesson and does a better job at due diligence.