djw009 1 year, 6 months ago on Mosques are a part of our nation's religious fabrics

Creede, aren't you contradicting what you stated in a previous article? "Having been in a few tense board meetings over the decades I, for one, am grateful that the court ruled against these souls who — by a huge leap of illogic — cited Jesus’ obscure advice (Luke 22:36) about purchasing a sword as commanding the followers of Jesus to purchase guns and carry them to church. That’s a bizarre line of reasoning, to be sure; one might suggest that were we to take Jesus literally we would each purchase not a gun, but a sword, which, as far as I know, may still be legal to carry to church." None of Jesus's commands should be considered obscure. And it was a command not advice. Are you advising that we accept one set of beliefs and yet you condemn some who believe in the Holy Bible?


djw009 1 year, 6 months ago on Guns not welcome in houses of worship

Creede Hinshaw, how can ANY of Jesus's commands be considered obscure? When they came to arrest Jesus, He knew it was about to happen, He also knew his disciple would use the sword to cut off the ear of the servant yet He did not prevent it. And the best worship of all would have been listening to Jesus. That would have been true church, not attending modern services where the majority who attend act totally different everywhere else. Guns are not evil, merely tools to be used or abused. My Lord and Master ordered I be armed. therefore i can rely on the first amendment freedom of religion to negate that judges ruling. he is of the earth not heaven