dpcg245 2 years, 9 months ago on Not to be: Westover’s historic state run falls short at home

Sister_Ruby, if u really can't believe that us "white boys" beat Westover, you may want to look at the score again.. Also please take note that Westover DID NOT let us win. Westover played a very hard game. The Players at Westover played that game with heart, and have everything to be proud of. Yes we did win that game, but we had to put up a hard fight to be able to win. However, the bigger picture here is this. Us "white boys" did not win that game. We won that game as a team. The Mustangs do not see color. We don't see white, and we don't see black. We look at each other as team mates, as brothers. AT: joecool8, thanks for your comment.