floorpuncher 2 years, 4 months ago on Are Americans losing their faith?

I think a lot of people are surprised to see numbers like this but the truth is that this number is growing. Even here in Albany, our group, Albany Georgia Atheists, has over 50 people that make up our membership and we are continually growing. Considering how prevalent religion is in this area, this number is significant and I think illustrates the point of this article perfectly. These are just the people who have found us and who feel the need to network with others like them. This is a trend that can be seen in almost every corner of the country as local groups like Albany Georgia Atheists pop up almost everywhere.


floorpuncher 3 years, 1 month ago on Bible still an inspiring read

It’s also never too late to break away from the repetitive self-indoctrination of re-reading the bible over and over again and read something that actually challenges your beliefs instead of mindlessly reinforcing them.