frustratedtothemax 3 years, 4 months ago on Restraining order on sale denied

I think it is wrong for Phoebe to be allowed to purchase Palmyra Hospital. What happened to everyone's freedom of choice? I believe everyone should have a choice as to what hospital they want to go to. When is going to be enough? What ever happened to the MONOPOLY LAWS? When is enough going to be enough? Phoebe has bought almost every hospital in surrounding area and have countless Phoebe centers. If Phoebe was as good as they claim then people would not have to make a choice. The problem with them taking over yet another hospital is the prices for medical care will sky rocket out of control because they know people can't afford to go out of town for medical treatment. Phoebe already price gouges people as it is. If you don't have insurance you already have to pay more for services. Take their convenient care for an example. I went to one of their convenient care centers and because I did not have insurance at the time and I was charged more. I asked them why. I was told they were a mini ER while the person behind me asked them a question and the receptionist told that person it was because they were a clinic when the person stated they had insurance. I know for a fact that if I had my own business I could not go around and purchase other similar business because that would fall under the "Monopoly Laws" especially if I purchased as many entities that Phoebe has done. Another question is where is Phoebe coming up with all this money considering they claim to be a non-profit hospital and do not have to pay taxes?