g3pak 2 years, 2 months ago on Not themselves

I realize that sports articles in newspapers aren't meant to be neutral or unbiased, and the Herald wants to sell papers to people in Albany, not north Georgia, but this article is borderline rediculous. The author complains that R-C only shot 30%, indicating that poor shooting was their own fault. Could it be that G-Lee played effective D, causing R-C to miss some shots they usually make? My guess is poor shooting AND strong defense combined for the low percentage.

The author also says over and over that R-C just ran out of time. Could one reason (not the only one) that R-C was able to close the gap was that G-Lee entered the 4th quarter with a 20 point lead and started to play conservative to preserve the lead rather than attack at both ends to maintain or build the lead? I know R-C is a super strong team and would have chewed into that lead even if G-Lee played as strong in the 4th quarter as the first, but see it for what it really was.

The parenthetical quote about G-Lee's Kassidy Blevins was just plain silly. "(she made several running shots all afternoon)," hinting that she just got lucky in the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this girl was G-Lee's leading scorer all year. Players like this- both teams have them and R-C probably has more- make their own luck.

I could go on and on, but I have said enough. Mike Phillips- author of this article- don't be a whiny loser and blame everything and everyone for the loss. If these teams played 10 times, perhaps R-C wins 7, but G-Lee won the game that mattered. It is much classier to say "good game, you outplayed us, you outshot us, and you outlasted us. Congratulations."