geason3 2 years, 3 months ago on Study points to Albany self-loathing

Don't trust them! I live in Albany!!!! It is that sad!!!! We have nothing here!!! Crime is extremely high!!!! The city is extremely poor!!!! The people are extremely high(drug rate is outrageous)!!!! The school system is extremely High(COMPLETELY RETARDED except for Darton college) !!! The kids are always high(again drugs like meth, cocaine, weed,etc.but mostly cocaine and meth) !!!! And the town has nothing to offer young people at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me it is that sad!!!! We have one theater, all the stores are out of business, we have one place to hang out (Fun Park), and that's all. Also everyone is extremely racists against each other. You have a small minority of young people who don't see race and they leave town because of it.