georgewilborn 3 years, 10 months ago on Plans must include dropout prevention

My name is george wilborn, recently retired from Atlanta Technjcal College where I worked as the Georgia Fatherhood Program Coordinator, another effective program dismantled. One of my responsibilities was managing the GED program that was an integal component of the GFP at ATC. Over 60% of participants enrolled were in need of a GED. During the final year of the GFP our enrollment exceeded 600 new recruits. The majority of those needing a GED were beyond high school age. My experience managing the program for 14 years is revealing. The consistant program completions are individuals over high school age who transition directly into skills training, earning Certificate, Diploma and/or Degree. The older the participant, the more likely they are to complete and continue their education and become productive self sufficient tax paying citizens. I might add, 40% of this group would have had a felony at some point in their youth. It is next to impossible to complete an education goal, particularly to include a GED, without finanial assistance. It is difficult to understand the wisdom of excluding those with the need for the "Ability To Benefit" provision of the Pell Grant. It is this population that is most LIKELY to succeed. This is the population that face many barriers, perventing them from rising above welfare and poverty who come with very strong motives to acheive............without the assistance of the Pell Grant the tax payer will surely pay the expensive cost of incarceration, welfare, hospilalization and homelessness. Do the math............ if our Law Makers want to save money, continue this program--- it's a good investment, with a RETURN ON THE DOLLAR !!!