ghostofkarelia 2 years, 11 months ago on Music as it should be ... at 33 1/3 RPMs

They just had the 5th annual Record Store Day back in April. I'm happy to see that it has caught on. Artists put out special vinyl releases (mostly 7" singles, covers, and b-sides) and participating local record stores having promotions ranging from sales to live performances. It's really cool.


ghostofkarelia 3 years ago on Squawk of the day - May 22, 2012

It's a great rule. Graduation is supposed to be an academic event. There is proper decorum, and signs certainly aren't part of it. What about the people behind you? Regrettably, there is no way to prevent the hooting and hollering. If you're excited, that's great, but there are more appropriate ways to express your enthusiasm.


ghostofkarelia 3 years ago on Wright: CRCT nonrenewals are all part of a ‘witch hunt’

This guy was removed by the NAACP because his branch wasn't paying its dues to the national organization. Some clown has played the race card because his people are being held accountable for their actions? No way. Stuff like this never happens in Albany. I'm actually shocked that he didn't have the balls to go ahead and say that white people are behind the "witch hunt." That's really the only thing missing from his inane ramblings. The ignorance displayed by these "leaders" never fails to amaze me. The fact that Riggins still sits on the board is proof enough of how far these people are out of touch with reality.

"We paid a Macon attorney $10,000 to tell us something we already knew (in the lunch fraud cases). So we paid $10,000 to get back, what? $300? It don’t make no sense." The lawyers wouldn't be necessary if fraud hadn't been committed. Yes, Mr. Wright, lawyers are expensive. Welcome to reality.

“Tell me this, why were all the teachers involved black? All of this so-called testing needs to be thrown out.” Excellent non-sequitur, Mr. Wright. First of all, they aren't all black. Secondly, Dougherty County is 80% black. Do the math. All of the people who were nonrenewed should be thankful that's all that has happened. Some educators in Atlanta have actually had their licenses revoked, and the CRCT saga up there isn't even close to being over.

“If we want to stop cheating we ought to give the children pencils without erasers on them." This guy realizes it was the teachers doing the erasing, right? If the children had done the erasing, it wouldn't have been called "cheating"; it would have been called "checking your answers." Does this mean he thinks it's against the rules for a student to change an answer on a test? This is kind of awkward.

“We are still operating under the oppressor’s curriculum" Who is the oppressor? Is that a No Child Left Behind dig? Yes, NCLB is deeply flawed, but blaming Bush was so 2008. Your community should collectively take a look in the mirror. There's your oppressor. Stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. It's not too late.


ghostofkarelia 3 years ago on DCSS reimburses student's bail

It's true. Stupid. but true. I know of people that have been arrested for it.


ghostofkarelia 3 years, 1 month ago on African-American culture celebrated at Albany expo

The Albany Area Black Expo celebrates businesses for their "commitment to inclusion and diversity." Can't even think up a joke that works better than that sentence.


ghostofkarelia 3 years, 1 month ago on Squawk of the day - April 9, 2012

The KKK has announced that it's heading down there as well to protect the white residents of Sanford. Black Panthers, KKK, it's gonna be fun to watch.


ghostofkarelia 3 years, 1 month ago on Search for next Dougherty head football coach nearing its end

Hire me. I've never coached football before, but if you also hire a special coach that can teach me how to do it, we'll be ok.