glennw 2 years, 8 months ago on COLLEGE HOOPS ROUNDUP: Georgia Tech's top men's hoops recruit finally joins team; Albany Tech men lose sixth straight Wednesday

Your "headline" regarding GA Tech's Top Men's Basketball Recruit is EXTREMELY deceptive and INACCURATE. Poole DIDN'T FINALLY enroll; he is, IN FACT, an EARLY ENTRY, meaning he GRADUATED from High School EARLY and has JUST BEGUN his FIRST semester at GA Tech RATHER than WAITING to GRADUATE in JUNE and enrolling at Tech next Fall.

Therefore, rather than giving the insinuation Poole is "finally" joining the team, perhaps the Herald SHOULD be changing the headline to say Poole has JOINED THE TEAM EARLY.


glennw 2 years, 8 months ago on Phillip Phillips at the national tree lighting

To all you Phillip haters; he's laughing all the way to the bank at you. And by the way; he's traveling the world and you're not...I guess that's kind of a double whammy now, isn't it? Happy holidays.


glennw 2 years, 10 months ago on Mitt Romney is the best choice for the White House

It should surprise no one that the Albany Herald would endorse Mitt Romney. It's just as obvious as knowing the result of what would happen if you put a lit match to a newspaper - it would catch fire.

The Albany Herald should be called the Fox Newspaper Network of South Georgia...


glennw 2 years, 10 months ago on Metro Albany jobless rate down

Like it or not, the economy IS improving, and it would be doing much better if the Republicans in Congress wouldn't be doing everything in their power to block every bit of Legislation that could help. They are holding 99% of Americans hostage for the sole benefit of the top 1% wealthiest Americans.

If the Republican way worked so "wonderfully," then why, pray tell, was our Country in such bad shape when Bill Clinton took office as President, who turned a huge deficit into a huge surplus, which President George W. Bush immediately turned right back into a HUGH deficit that ran into the largest RECESSION since our GREAT DEPRESSION

Since President Obama has been in office, thins have actually started turning back around for the better.

These things are happening by "accident". The Republican "theory" of "trickle down" economics doesn't work because there's an assumption that the rich and large corporations who get these large tax benefits put the money right back into OUR economy, and hire OUR employees.

This isn't what's happening. American workers are outsourced, tax dollars are NOT being rolled back into businesses that hire more Americans, who would pay more tax dollars, which would, in turn, drive more demand of American products and services. They're putting American dollars overseas to build the plants as well, or just depositing it to get more interest, so they can make more money.

This means there isn't any "trickle down" to the middle class, causing the largest rift between the wealthy class and everyone else in history. And how can they manage to do this? Because they have the financial resources to to convince everyone that it's in their best interest, just like the royals used to tell their kingdoms.


glennw 2 years, 11 months ago on Obama the Blamer in Chief

The Albany Herald has become Fox News of Southwest Georgia. Need I say more? Oh, and that's NOT intended as a compliment.


glennw 2 years, 11 months ago on Jury finds Riggins not guilty

On one hand, where there was compelling evidence of a Doughtery County School Board Member clearly defrauding it's citizens, that member, an African American, is found to have done nothing wrong.

On another hand, we have another Doughtey County School Board Member, who, prior to his election to the Board, but acting as a Contractor for it, discovers that a Primary Contractor, out of Atlanta, was over-charging the School Board, and all citizens of Doughtery County, around TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS, yet HE was fired from the project, losing revenues from it, his reputation sullied, being blackballed by those involved Albany who would be impacted by the discovery of the overcharges, yet when HE sued, trying to, at least allow the citizens of Doughtery County an opportunity to hear what had happened, and perhaps, THEY would, at least, give HIM credit and appreciation for doing the right thing, ESPECIALLY since his sole actions saved the taxpayers so many millions of dollars; but what happened? This Caucasian LOST in Court, here in Doughtery County.

An African American woman defrauding citizens, and basically stealing over a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS out of their pockets gets away scot free.

A Caucasian man who saves citizens, TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, getting nothing back, including no respect, which, by the way, meant the MINORITY CONTRACTOR, which attempted to OVERCHARGE Doughtery County's citizens was told everything they did was okay, and all of the within the "system" that was trying to allow for this huge overcharge to occur, and get them their own PERSONAL BENEFITS AS A RESULT OF THE OVERCHARGES, did okay, too.

You just have to love some people's logic...


glennw 3 years, 2 months ago on School Board gives budget tentative OK

"Support," Had you actually bother to read Mr. Maschke's comments first, or been able to comprehend what he WAS saying had you actually read them, you would understand that he had voted against the approved budget NOT because he didn't want any budget approved, but he wanted a correct budget approved. In his opinion, money was being wasted that could be recouped and used for teachers and other ways beneficial to the school system, and had there been a deeper look into over-payments and contractor payouts PRIOR to the vote, then, perhaps, he would be more inclined to vote in the affirmative.

HOWEVER, there was NO ATTEMPT by the Dougherty County School Board to do ANY investigations into ways they might be able to save taxpayers money and also protect the teachers in the county school system; the school board simply brought the vote up without the work done in advance or without a discussion.

THIS is why Mr. Maschke voted against the proposal. Now if YOU think it's okay to spend money without caring how much things actually cost, or if people will actually lose jobs because you are overspending money because no one is being held accountable, then, perhaps, YOU should make up the difference out of your own pocket so the teachers won't have to miss those extra days because of lack of funding. Or, better yet, maybe YOU can step into those classrooms and substitute teach for FREE while these qualified teachers are out of work...oh wait, you just proved you have no common sense whatsoever so we can scratch that second option.


glennw 3 years, 3 months ago on Phillips wins 'American Idol'

Congratulations to Phillip his entire family, and to most of Southwest Georgia; those of you who supported Phillip and his family through his amazing journey and are happy for his exciting win and what it means for the community.

To all of you haters, all I have to say to you is that your narrow minds and racism has closed your eyes to what the exposure of the area and potential opportunties Phillip has brought the community, no thanks to any of you. Whether you personally liked his singing style or not, there was no question he was a tremendous ambassador for SOWEGA, which is more than I can say for any of you.


glennw 3 years, 3 months ago on Phillips’ ‘Idol’ triumph only the beginning

Let's see; Phillip has the TOP SELLING song on iTunes PLUS TEN (10) MORE songs in the Top 200. Do you want to guess how many Jessica and Joshua have COMBINED? ONE, and it comes in around 157 for JOSHUA. So, out of these THREE Idol finalists, which of them sounds like the best bet to have commercial success? Looks obvious to me...