goldie 3 years, 1 month ago on Heard hearing drags into third day

First of all, Mr. heard has done a lot for the community, but you only looking at color. Stop looking at the color of a person skin and look at what they have contributed to the community. Go to the neighborhoods, talk to the senior citizens, talk with the children that come from low income homes that need help with homework, talk with the people who need housing, but do not qualify for the big down payments. Yeah, start there. what have you contributed to your community?


goldie 3 years, 7 months ago on goldie

I worked with mr. Burns for a little while. He was a great caretaker as well as a great father.I always admired his deidication to his family and his job. He always knew how to make a person laugh. I know that you are sitting up high and looking down low, you are now wearing your crown. To the Burns family, his is smiling down at you. you all have been his prize. May God continue to give you strength adn peace.