goldngreen 2 years, 9 months ago on SATURDAY'S PREP ROUNDUP: Monroe boys hold off Worth, 51-47

its okay to feel like mcgee is the best player but he along didnt win all them games alone thats how ppl are trying to make it seem MONROE IS A GREAT TEAm when they all work together as one i like number 10 because in my eyes he is the reason why mcgee get them points what he is point guard i see all yall talking but what bout number 3, 22, 54 i can go on its more talent on that court than just him and coach davis labron james didnt win that campionship without the rest of th team he needed wade bosh and all the others one this is high school basketball allow these kids to play the game they love for some of them this might be they last year and need basketball to go to college but the only one college will see is mcgee and thats not fair