gregfincher 2 years, 4 months ago on Obama plans first step in gun takeaways

I want to write and personally apologize for the government.

I am 49 years old, white, male, ex-military, father of two living and one child who past away after 3 hours after being born; [which I was able to hold in my arms as she slowly past away.]

The government, (not the American government I was taught in school as a child) has done a great injustice to your community and the nation as a whole.

I would hope as a community; like my community in South West Georgia, a small town named Leesburg, would understand we as a people we must protect our own communities, as we protect our own families.

You know as I know, it is the community at large who is to blame for what happen. In our small city we have armed police personnel in our schools and though it may not prevent such actions which happened in your community from happening in ours.

We rest easy in the knowledge we have made an informed decision to place armed police personnel in our schools.

You and your community can make a real difference from this horrific crime and make America a safer place.

You know, if they took all the guns from every person who has the right to have a gun legally, that it is the person who does not have the rights to have a gun legally, who is going to commit a crime.

I KNOW, I would not allow the government to use what happen under my government-ship, in my community to endanger and allow other Americans to die.

The next crime to our communities could be done with gasoline, will the government then go to such lengths as to ban gasoline.

Knowledge, information, and common sense.

You can make a difference,

Thank you,

Greg Fincher, an American.