happydoc 2 years, 7 months ago on Supreme Court rules in favor of FTC in Palmyra acquisition

It has been a long battle fought by the powers that be at Phoebe over the Palmyra Park hospital and the medical services that were offered at that facility. Justice has prevailed. Time for a serious look at the administrative structure at Phoebe and its multiple boards which all voted to try and monoploize the health care delivered to the citizens of southwest GA. The Hospital Authority of Dougherty County must evaluate the present situation and perhaps ammend their agreement / lease with PPMH for providing health care services at Phoebe Putney. Will the taxpayers bear additional costs in this process? Look hard at the recent scores from Leapfrog in reference to the lack of quality in healthcare that is being provided at Phoebe. A grade of "F" indicates a serious lack of concern on the current regime.