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Lewis-Polite wins DCSS Teacher of the Year April 17, 2014


henryslittleboy 11 months, 2 weeks ago on For Obama, the fall was inevitable

Well stated. Webster doesn't even have a word to explain this type of liberalism. Go figure, the first gay president.


henryslittleboy 1 year, 2 months ago on Blood drive honors young cancer patient

As one who was diagnosed with with MDS, type of leukemia, I truly understand the need of this young person. I went through "many" blood transfusions before having a stem cell transplant at MD Anderson hospital, Houston TX, in 2009. I encourage all who qualify to donate blood. Without the blood transfusions these young and older patients will not survive. Also, I would encourage you to consider putting your name on a donor list for stem cell transplants. Because of a shortage of some blood types, it is very difficult or impossible for some patients to get a stem cell transplant. If you more information on this, you can email me at


henryslittleboy 1 year, 2 months ago on New law will 'double tax' auto leases

Just complaining here will get you nowhere. Write your senator and representative in Atlanta "today". You can get the name, address, and phone number by googling general assembly in Georgia.


henryslittleboy 1 year, 4 months ago on Educational system the root of Albany’s problems

Thanks for the article. It was right on target. Having said that, if I were the CEO of Albany I would do a complete reorganization. Get rid of the dead weight and fill positions with only the very best qualified personnel. This includes the mayor and all other staff positions. As they say in sports, "you are as strong as your weakest link". Start fresh and make sure everyone understands that progress means moving every department in a positive direction. Change the community mentality and culture from a give- me to a what can I do to improve the success for me and my family. I no longer live in Albany and will never return the way things are. In case you haven't figured it out, Albany is now a welfare city. Do the right thing and make the tough decisions to change before it's too late.


henryslittleboy 1 year, 4 months ago on APD investigation ends with captain's resignation

WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT? According to the American justice system this is called stealing. They just let him retire and I suppose get a retirement. Whoever permitted this should be FIRED.....They have now set a president. Hence forth, any ordinaryn citizen can no longer be punished for stealing. If they attempt to do this, get a lawyer.


henryslittleboy 1 year, 9 months ago on State BOE freezes DCSS Title I funding

What a joke the school systems have become. It is pretty sad in Albany, but we have the same problem in Macon, Bibb County Bd of Education. We have a superintendant named Romain Dalleman, from Haiti of all places. He has been in his position for about a year and a half and has destroyed what'a left of the school system and spent the tax payers money like it grows on trees. His first year he spent over $70,000 on travel and has already exceded the travel budget this year. He is rolling out what he calls "the macon miracle". He wants to build a dorm form what he terms 1000 homeless school children. He built a welcome center to the tune of several million $$$ and hired high salaried staff to run it (supporters). He spent $200,000 renting the centraplex to promote his Macon Miracle. Part of the miracle is to bring Chinese teachers to the U.S. and teach the kids manderine chinese beginning first grade through twelth grade. He just signed a contract with a group called PEG $250,000 to tell white teachers they are racist and don't know how to teach black kids and that is why they are performing poorly on achievement test. I could write a book on this guy, but I don't have the space. Hang tough and get rid of the thugs.