honestlysaying 2 years, 3 months ago

These responses are typical for the Phoebe machine. Plenty of excuses, little ownership and accountability. THE most important things are money,power, and control...make no mistake about it. If you have doubts I implore you to talk to staff employed by the behemoth, you will have to do so off the recored though because they know what happens to people that speak out. Once a culture has been created that always puts money, profit, power, and "production" first, things like this are bound to come to light. There are people that are employed by this corporate bully that know the points in the article have merit and know of other issues regarding very lean staffing and the push for a "production driven" environment among other issues....at the "big house" AND the multiple satellite feeder facilities. Seems every time we hear something negative, whether issues like this or the growing monopoly they are just explained away and fade into the background yet again. Wake up people, you have lost control of your hospital to a corporate bully with money and the search for dominance put first. What happened to actually putting patients first? Once putting a nice face on things and "getting the paperwork right" for core measures and other things is done, its back to the assembly line to maximize billing and profits at all costs. Number 6? Working up to number one in more ways than one it seems. Sickening. As usual it will be explained away and the public will be fed the pablum that Phoebe expects everyone to accept without complaint.


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