hopeforalbany 3 years, 3 months ago

Upon reading the comments from today's squawk about ASU students participating in the symbolic march for justice, my Hope for Albany light almost went out. Then, it flickered some and slowly the pain in my spirit for Albany and elsewhere -- all over the globe where man continues to fight one another over foolish things-- fanned the flame to glow brightly again. And that is when I began the Hope for Albany Movement by first contacting the Albany Herald squawkbox editor requesting that they serve as the media anchor in spreading the Hope for Albany Movement.

Now, I challenge all the good people of Albany to stand up by the pen and send in positive squawks because I said in my email to the Albany Herald that more people would buy the paper if there was less negativity. Next, exercise your freedom of speech by thinking "Inside the Heart" and writing the things that are not yet positive in Albany as though they are.

Whether Albany knows it or not, this city has a special spiritual role that is being suffocated. The economic boom of Albany will not, shall not manifest until Albany deals with the matters of the "Heart" and the wounds of its past.

Let Hope for Albany spread.........from this day forward and in several years after the healing, our City, one Albany east, west, north, and south will experience such prosperity that we won't have room enough to receive it all.

May loving peace abound, 4-10-12


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