iko 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Official: Murfree ordered overpayment of $250,000

I will restate my original wager: the Greg Edwards' DA's office will not conduct a serious investigation of this scandal. The DA's office is forever tainted and corrupted by having been infected by the Ken Hodges filth. Does anyone wish to take this wager?


iko 11 months ago on Murfree ordered overpayment of $250,000, official says.

The Greg Edwards DA's office is corrupt and was forever tainted by the Ken Hodges filth that controlled it and perverted it for so long. It will NEVER---REPEAT---NEVER launch a serious prosecution of this case. Does anyone want to take a bet on this?


iko 11 months, 1 week ago on EDC agrees to letter of support for Phoebe

Funny how EDC doesn't oppose Judy "Toilet" Bowles and her anti-business, anti-job agenda. Oh, wait, I bet they go to the same country club.


iko 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Group working to bring Paula Deen museum to Albany

Who are you talking about? "Defaulted on his debts and living with his mother"? Is that Toilet Bowles' son from the Quail thing? Elaborate, please.


iko 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Group working to bring Paula Deen museum to Albany

This is easy: let's get ADICA to fund it with borrowed money, get Phil Cannon to "supervise" it, and hire a convicted felon to run it. Then, convince the idiots on the city commission that it will be "self supporting."


iko 1 year ago on Man faces charges for student molestation

What happened to Abraham Wesley (?) the guy who was impersonating a teacher and who had a phony church that they hired?