immokaleeman 2 years ago on People's Choice Football Player of the Year Poll: VOTING CLOSED

Sigh always someone out there to trashtalk who is up on the list. Sheesh people... LOOK OUTSIDE THE FREAKIN BOX! The people on this list are up there for a reason. Don't pick on Lee County just because you got your ass beat this year by them. Suck it up... it is a damn football game. Give the kids some credit. I think all of the kids across our area did a fantastic job showing their athletic abilities this season and we should honor all of them. Just sayin...


immokaleeman 2 years, 11 months ago on Fathers challenge jail sentences for child support

I completely look at this and agree that the child support laws of Georgia are bias and most fathers out there having to pay child support are in one heck of a position to be screwed over by the ex-wife at any time... but also likewise if the role was reversed... the mother would be in trouble in the same way. Society nowadays has "accepted" this for the norm. People have no common sense and look at things from the perspective that it is ALL about the child and not their own personal vendetta that they have against their ex. Many use child support as a weapon towards the other and because of the hurtful feelings, they capitalize on it and basically go after the ex-spouse in retaliation for the divorce. If it ends up putting the ex-spouse in jail.. so be it... and thus the child grows up in a home where the mother states that the dad was a deadbeat dad... when deep inside, the mother trash talked and made it a living hell for the father. Not saying this is always what happens... but it happens more than you realize. There are some dads out there (and mothers) who spend child support money foolishly and the child never sees a dime of it.However, you do have those who receive child support and use it the way it is supposed to. For those who pay child support, remember this... it is for the child... no matter how hard it will get. For those who receive child support, remember this... that is NOT YOUR MONEY.... it is your child's money. So use it wisely for your child and don't steal from your own child so you can spend it foolishly. For those who are going through divorce... don't be stupid enough to ask for child support. Be mature enough to work with your soon to be ex-spouse and work things out for your child. Share responsibility and be mature for your child's sake. Both of you were willing to lay in bed and experience the birth of your child... so be mature enough to work things out for your child and make a positive future for the child. Let them know that no matter what happens between ex-spouses... the child is more important and number 1.


immokaleeman 3 years, 3 months ago on Sherwood to shut down day care

It is amazing to me how everyone here is quick to jump on the anti-Sherwood bandwagon. If you can't clean up what is in your own backyard... don't go trying to clean and fix someone else's. Even though Courageous is making money... you fail to realize that Sherwood is not making a dime right now on the movie. It is the promoters, go-betweens, and theaters that are making the money. By the time it filters down... Sherwood may not make a thing off of it. It is called ministry for a reason.