isittrue 3 years, 8 months ago on Parker touts record enrollment at Albany Tech

Please check the validity of this claim. It is misleading..they let students who could not pay the balance of their tuition and fees stay in class without making them pay. Other colleges purged those students and are working with them to get them in for the next term. ATC will now have accounts receivables hanging out there they will most likely never collect and those student may not ever finish the program - if they couldn't pay this term, they won't be able to pay the next. This is not a financially smart move when the colleges are already facing budget cuts, HOPE cuts and so much more. So while their enrollment went up, it went up falsely. Also, the thing about Adult Education - it is about time. The other colleges in this area have been doing that for years and have had adult ed centers in their counties for years. ATC should have done that a long time ago. It would be nice to see you give as much coverage to the other colleges in your viewing area as you do ATC.