jamesgriffin 2 years, 6 months ago on County wants to reappropriate SPLOST funds

It is a dangerous path we are going down when we allow a sales tax designated for road improvements - at the will of the electorate - to be re-purposed at the whim of the Commissioners. The voters agreed to pay 1% more sales tax for a DEFINED special purpose on the ballot. If that money is "no longer needed" for that, stop charging us the extra penny in sales tax. Go put a NEW referendum on the ballot for a SPLOST to fund building repairs - and let us VOTE on it.


jamesgriffin 2 years, 11 months ago on Election must not be day that America ‘shrugged’

I notice that not one negative comment above is from anyone who has seen the movie. No one has commented on its (the film's) conclusions. Rather, they engage in denigrating a good man's opinion out of fear they might just agree with him if they saw the movie. Instead, they would rather "drink the purple Kool-Aid" and blindly rally around a party that is taking us in the wrong direction. Take Orson's challenge: Go see the film and draw your own conclusion. Then take mine: Come back to this op-ed and write your opinion on it's views. I doubt I'll have even one taker. Instead, you'll continue to believe that the philosophy of "we shouldn't have to work, just do what the government says and they will take care of us".