jenni 2 years, 9 months ago on Parents can’t make their kid become ‘next Buster Posey’

Parents paying for travel sports does not mean they think or want their kid to be the next BIG thing. It means they are giving their kids opportunities that may not be available other places. Soccer is the only one that I know of with travel team in this area. If I am wrong please feel free to let me know. But as a soccer mom myself whose child plays Y soccer, I will and am gladly moving to travel ball next season. Does not mean I think my child is the next BIG thing. It means that I am giving my child coaching and training in a sport that she loves outside of volunteer parents. Not saying that the Y is bad. The Y is awesome and I have enjoyed the past 4 years with them. But I would like for her to be able to learn techniques that she will not learn with the Y and see what she can do in this sport.