johnwallace 3 years, 2 months ago on Gang-leader’s funeral draws hundreds

I don't feel sorry for this young man he got what he planted or say you reep what you sew .yes I am a black male and comming up in the late 80's was tuff I live with my late mother and my late grandparents and the made sure I went to school and got an education .they were so strick that they knew where I was all the time even my neighbors had the right to get on to me when they seen me acting up I use to get mad .but now as and Adult I thank God for my Mother And Grandparents and my Neighbors they keep me honest and made me a man all of them have past on but I love them all .you see people young people don't have parents they have friends they grow up seeing there mon and dad in gangs and robbing ,drinking smoking cheating the system saying white america owe them. white america don't owe black america nothing we owe ourselves .we need to stop this gang thang. we need to as Black people need to come together you take any other race they don't kill each other hurt each other they love there race of people .What I am trying to point out that is our black race will soon destruct we will be come instinct we are our own time bomb let stop this gang thang TODAY !!


johnwallace 3 years, 11 months ago on johnwallace

To my dad Johnny B. I love you .your son John Henry Wallace