jrite1959 2 years, 5 months ago on Big Daddy’s loses alcohol license

It never ceased to amaze me of the stupidity of the city excuse me the town to which I choose to live in. Having a vote like that to which it is not resolved but yet they continue to allow to go on only means two things to the outside world. 1. That if you kiss enough butt and have enough money you can do anything you want to if you have enough friends to support you always remember when it comes to city Council it has nothing to do about the city is all about how much money they can put in their pockets under table.

  1. Education is the key of the world but not in the world of Albany, the only reason to which I even stay in this place is the stupidity of self-preservation illusion that they put upon themselves. Instead of coming out point-blank and saying that we do not want this town to progress beyond Mayberry they keep you the voters to which keep putting in them blind.

Knowledge is the key to opening the new frontier. Albany needs a new leader and since no one has the vision to accommodate then I will possibly have to commandeer. You have been warned!!!!!!!


jrite1959 3 years, 2 months ago on Albany group remembers Confederate ancestors

as stated earlier i thank those whom expose themselves. i guess you are one of many who believe that the usa was discovered. and the indians didnt have anything to do ,how can one take what is not their's and claim it for themselves,question if the south had won would i too be on a reservation


jrite1959 3 years, 3 months ago on Albany group remembers Confederate ancestors

The thing to remember is not that of the battle to which was fought to keep slaves and not respect the fundamental rights of a human being, oh I forgot slaves were not considered humans but animals to be Sold, beaten and depressed for 400 years, and then one would expect me to go to an event to which praise and honor and morn for those whom fought that war I say not. People have always fascinated me to the fact of things that were wrong and inhumane to do celebrate and cheer the time and wish for those good times. I know it’s a shame that one would put themselves in the light to willingly acknowledge how deep inside they feel when it comes to a period in time that was so hurtful for one race of people and praise those whom applied the damage. But again I thank you for standing up so I and others will know of the hatred you harbor inside but , if one is so bold as to show himself or herself in that light ,one can only wonder what other feelings are being masked!!!!!!