justiceseeker42 1 year, 8 months ago on Governor Deal admits to ethics violations

Well I have a petition page if anyone would like more information on our current and last Governor. It has several articles from news papers and videos. One is an affiliate of Fox 5 who broke the story of him giving 90,000 to a company his daughter in-law is involved with. He let ex Department of Behavioral Health and developmental and Disabilities get away with giving out 46 bonuses to people just to take a State Job ranging from 1,034.00$ to 22,000.00$. One was just a clerk and this happened after he closed down a strategically located State mental hospital and over 700 staff lost there jobs and were paid not enough to live on as it was. I don't know how they can sleep at night. This State is ranked as the most corrupt State in the union{ All 50 States}. Read and sign my petition at www.change.org, type in Corruption in Georgia State Government! under the browse petitions search engine. Enough is enough. Didn't they take a oath when they went into office to service the citizens of this State?