laughingatyoutoo 2 years, 6 months ago on ELECTION 2012: Dougherty County Coroner - Michael Fowler

     This is absurd. Will somebody please point in the directions of Fowler's qualifications. What is our community coming to if we honestly think that just because he has experience as a mortician he qualifies as Coroner. That has absolutely nothing to do with this position. Even though i have no experience in neither coroner nor as a mortician i doubt you'll ever have to preform an autopsies.

"I have the knowledge and experience the job needs to help solve criminal investigations," Fowler said. "There are cost savings when I can eliminate the need to take a body to the crime lab. Medical examiners trust my knowledge and experience." Fowler because you previously worked for the GBI crime lab please explain how in the San hell that qualifies you to decide weather a body deserves to go to the crime lab because you feel its was a reasonable death. A homicide can easily look as if it was a suicide, but what you are saying is because you don't think is was a homicide were going to write it off case closed? NO, I DON'T THINK SO; and as a firm believer in taxes that's why i pay my taxes so when there has been foul play a deiced will get justice. With a little knowledge of the job of an embalmer, I'm more than sure you would have to be licensed to embalm; which i have came to learn you ARE NOT. So that actually makes you illegal. So i would apperciate if you would stop advertising a skill that you do not possses to our community. Being that i have lost a loved one during Ms.Quimbley's term as Coroner if feel that she is more than qualified for the position that she holds. During the time of my sorrow she was there for me in a way that no fancy forensic pathology assistant degree could be. She held my and and and let me know that there was still a day after tomorrow. Do you honestly believe that working with troubled kids has nothing to do with limiting some of the deaths in Dougherty County. I MEAN OPEN YOUR EYES, ITS OUR YOUTH THAT'S DYING. Maybe if more people like Ms.Quimbley cared enough to work with our kids to keep them off the streets and in school, a preventive progams the death rate would go down increasingly. We need someone who understands what it takes to better our community and stop the violence, and as i have watch our present coroner i feel that she more than qualifies; and why make changes to something that is not broken.