laurelkenobi 1 year, 11 months ago

I'm terribly disappointed in your reaction to this article, and I'm also a bit disappointed in myself for feeling the need to respond; however, I can't help but wonder, were you there? I was present for this and several other Wanees and music festivals before, and I honestly believe this is the best I've ever attended. While there is a time and a place for drugs and nudity, at least the worst of it was a naked guy and not an overdose or, even worse, a death. The love and peace radiating from 40,000 people who felt like family was absolutely incredible. While my Wanee was spent fairly sober, the throngs of smokers and shroomers didn't impose on my good time one bit. In fact, they shared even more comfort and love. Wanee brings people together who are oceans and states apart. Wanee was a time for me to hug loved ones I haven't seen in years and pretend they're still living right next door. It was touching and enlightening, and I hope that one day you will experience the power of music in sharing a common love.


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