liln8ivechik83 2 years, 8 months ago on Class-action lawsuit filed against Dougherty judicial system

my fiancee has been sitting in dougherty county jail since before thanksgiving and has been waiting on a committal hearing which was scheduled for dec 27 and then it was rescheduled for jan 10th. he missed christmas with his family for something he is accused of doing. I just dont understand i thought it was innocent until proved guilty? Why do these judges not care that these people have lives and some of them are innocent they are sitting in jail wasting time and money my man has lost his job and i have been raising three kids alone. something is wrong with our system and these so called investigators and judges need to get their priorities in order and do their job not just take someones statement and then in turn ruin someones life. How can you throw someone in jail and then just make them sit there for almost two months???? He has no probation no parole no anything and i cant get a bond to bring him home to await his court date. I'm planning on filing a lawsuit when this is over and these charges are dropped someone is going to answer for what has happened to our family. i had no help with my childrens christmas i had to struggle. I will cut all ties to dougherty county and advise everyone else to do the same.