logmoinfo 2 years, 6 months ago on Chambliss: Cuts to Ag deep but 'fair'

"Make sure the $23B goes to the deficit"? Hellooo. It's not his money. It's taxpayer money and we'll spend it as we see fit. This farm welfare has gone on so long he actually thinks he is entitled to it. He is a main reason Washington does not get it. Follow the money. See who pads his contribution account? Yes, the same folks he votes to give welfare checks to. It's an endless cycle and these payments to millionaires and billionaires must stop. If you can't farm and make a profit you need to do something else. "But you won't have food if not for subsidies" Hellooo. I don't eat cotton. When is the last time your wife ordered you to go back to the store because you forgot to buy peanuts? They hide behind the threat of National Security to justify raking in billions. They have no shame as they get in their new 4WD, 4mpg F350 that takes up 3 parking spaces and drive to their 5k sq ft house on 1,000+ acres to get in their housewife's 6mpg Suburban and go to the condo at Hilton Head. I've had enough. I know them. I know their mailbox game. Farm. Make a profit. Or find something you can do. Google the Farm Subsidy Database on the Environmental Working Group website and find your poor farming neighbors and relatives. Prepare to be shocked. Help hardworking Americans stop this ripoff