loveavenue14 2 years, 4 months ago on Sutton's body arrives stateside; funeral arrangements announced

I think the public display for LCPL Sutton is well overdue for all service members. People who sacrfice seeing the birth of their children, time away from their families, and dedicate themselves to their country should be appreciate more often. We show more support for musical artists and people who do not make as significant a difference in this country as do those men and women who give their lives up to protect and defend this country. I applaud the dedication of LCPL Sutton and his family that is left behind and all those men and women who continue to fight for our rights.


loveavenue14 2 years, 11 months ago on Murder suspect Bell in custody

The problem with Albany is these adult criminals started out as juvenile criminals who get away with everything under the sun. If Albany was ran like Valdosta Ga and juveniles were given a warning then sent to a correctional institution they would think twice before they commited such crimes and allow their parents to stop being punished by unruly children. A 15 year old child know right from wrong and should be punished as such. When you rob a store spend a few nights in jail with grown men criminals.