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Mark Richt out as Georgia football coach November 29, 2015


lynn227 3 years ago on PSC investigator following up with those in CRCT report

At the end of each CRCT question, when read, it states, "Choose the best answer." This is highlighted to be read to the students. If there are 60 questions, it is said 60 times. Then at the end of testing, we are told to read the highlighted instructions, "You have time to go back over the section we have just completed. You may not go beyond this section. You may look over your work and make sure you have chosen the best possible answers."


lynn227 3 years ago on About 500 early ballots cast

Thank goodness Georgia alone doesn't get to decide who becomes president. The swing states stopped the Romney train.


lynn227 3 years ago on Americans renew lease with Obama

Congratulations, Mr. President! The saddest part of the evening? It was watching a grown man who couldn't lose, graciously. I wouldn't think Romney would want to be remembered for pouting instead of out there making an immediate concession speech. At least McCain had more class.


lynn227 3 years, 1 month ago on Trump: $5 million to charity if president releases records

$10 million if Trump releases that flap of hair from across his head. Another dried up old white man who needs to retire to a nursing home!


lynn227 3 years, 1 month ago on Squawk of the Day - Oct. 14, 2012

Having a different opinion than you is a good thing. We are not robots or clones. Keep my handle out of your dirty mouth!