makeadifference 2 years ago on Vet: Revise adoption rules

This is Dr. Wisell and I wanted to thank everyone for their support. The article states Mrs. Miller told me the employee made a mistake by bringing it to my hospital and she was going to take the puppy to another vet. once she picked it up. This is not the case. When Tara Miller called to demand we stop all treatments, I told her I did not want to do this because the puppy will get worse without treatment and I suspected she was going to euthanize the puppy. She told me it was not my business and I did not know what she was going to do with the puppy. Also that I had to release it because it was the property of the AHS. It's true,..... I did not know what she was going to do, however as a veterinarian, I felt it was very much my business to do what I could to ensure the puppy was treated and not euthanized. IF.... Mrs. Miller would have told me they were taking the puppy to Dr. Freeland, I would not have had any issues. Had Mrs. Miller been professional and simply explained the situation instead of extremely rude to my staff, my Practice Manager and myself every time she spoke with us, this could have all been avoided. To threaten a veterinarian to call the police on them because she didn't want to release the puppy until it was well is extremely disrespectful, unprofessional and shows zero compasion for the puppy's life and my profession.

I received my training at University of Florida Shelter Medicine department (the recommended "possible source" for the AHS Dr. Freeland stated in the article). Many vets in the area are just as capable and willing to perform these surgeries.

I am not trying to anger or compete with the AHS by having my Adoption Option program. I am able to adopt these cats and dogs at a lower price because I do the spay and neuter at a loss. I too charge an intake fee, but I won't euthanize any animal I take into my program. "Yes," I am picky and "no," I do not accept them all. This is a privelage I'm afforded because I own my business. This is a passion of mine and I certainly did not intend it to have a negative impact on anyone. I adopt approx. 270-300 cats / kittens and about 30 dogs each year. AHS operates on a much larger scale and can not pick and choose the animals they take in, thus it is simply a reality they have to euthanize many animals each year. If we can save just a few hundred more lives by getting them into homes faster (at 8 weeks vs. 12 weeks), why wouldn't we? It will save money, allow more intake b/c space will be available a month earlier, decrease animals getting sick in the shelter while waiting, & decrease behavioral problems seen by the stressful shelter environment.

I hope the young lady that initially brought the puppy in is allowed to adopt her. She showed a lot of compassion for this little life. I'm so sorry this incident happened, however I do hope good will come from it & the puppy gets a great home. Humbly Yours, Dr. Carie Wisell