marine1775 3 years ago on Nonchalance about U.S. Marines' safety is appalling

Ma'am, It sounds as this is a completely one sided story. First off you should not be naming Marine Corps units or specific members of a unit (Marine unit and Commander would have sufficed and accomplished the same thing without looking like slander...) I am not familiar with what happened that day nor am i am going to pretend like I was; However, a board of inquiry comes after an Officer has 2 or more incidents throughout their career (did you know about his other Adverse fitness report from a different commander, a different unit, while in combat...hence the board of inquiry) I see you failed to leave that part of the story out. I just think that journalist should not be able to report specific units or personnel within a unit as the unit is still there and so could the Commander. Again, this story is a matter of opinion (depending on who you talk to) and is borderline slander of a Marine Commissioned Officer. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the good Major just thinks that he is better than everyone else and believes that he could or should have ran everything (maybe like the other Commander)? In the military their is one Commander who is ultimately responsible for his or her unit... regardless of what others think. There is no way to please everyone, nor should a Commander try and please everyone.

I will steal an excerpt from your story... "Thankfully, all the Marines came home." Sounds to me like the Commander accomplished his mission.

Thanks for the info and I am all for free speech, as I defend that right each and every day; however, both sides of the story should be heard or seen prior to trash like this.