markslappey 2 years, 11 months ago on Soldiering on for weapons of mass destruction

carlton u r wrong -before the bodies were removed liberals were shouting for gun control -the NRA did not comment for several days -when will people like yourself get it thru your heads that guns don't kill people do ,full auto weapons have been banned for years ,now the shout is for semi auto ,then pumps ,then lever action then bolt action and then all guns -we know what obama and the U N are striving for -a disarmed socirty one that can be dictated to with no liberty -it is a tradegy that even one child was killed ,not as bad as the thousands of abortions done each week that we are taxed to pay for under the fradulent planned parethood ,how bout the thousands each year killed by drunk drivers or by hands and knives ?people who want to kill many will find a way -if the government dictates what gun one can have will it next be what kind of car one can drive