meme 2 years, 11 months ago on APD looks for missing teen

After we as a community locate this child, shouldn't we find out why she keeps running away?? We should not jump to 'crackhead' straightaway.....there has to be something deeper. Children do not generally run away for nothing, something has to be bothering this child besides rebelliousness. I personally will pray for this child and her entire family because I know they are suffering right now.


meme 2 years, 11 months ago on Dougherty School personnel director fired

What is the point of sending someone home with pay?? If someone does something wrong isn't the point of repremanding someone to punish them? I would love a free vacation, maybe I should go work for DCSS. Also, if she has had other problems while in her position then why is she still employeed with DCSS. Why are we as taxpaying citizens forced to have this type of nonsense going on within the system that is responsible for educating our children????? DCSS needs to be wiped clean and bring in some employees who value their jobs and what it means to work for the school system.